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Medical Conditions

All medical conditions are entered in one section. Once added, each condition, can be added to practice areas. This allows for one condition to be added to multiple practice areas.

On the publish page for medical conditions the field labeled copy (summary) is used for the accordion when adding to a practice area. For example Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) is used on the Pediatric Dermatology page as you can see below.

The summary text does not appear on the main entry page.

Main Content

The main content of the page is added in the next matrix type field where you can easily add new content types and then drag and drop to order how you want them to display.

We'll continue looking at the Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) page which currently has temporary filler content since the individual pages are new to the site.

Three Types of Content

Here you are able to add three different types of content:

At the bottom of the publish page you can add new content types be selecting from the options as seen in the screenshot below.

Select a Content Block Type

The three copy blocks are simple to understand. Copy is any text that you want to add to the page, single image is a single image with the option to make that photo full width, or float left/right.

The last block is for Before and After photos and will allow your visitors to easily compare the before and after shots.

Example before and after shots