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Practice Areas

You can edit practice areas by going to Entries > Practice Areas or add a new practice area by going to Entries > Practice Areas and then clicking the red New Entry button in the top right corner of the page.

Add your Title and Subtitle (large red text on the page).

Below this you can add any medical condition which is in the medical conditions section. When you add a condition the summary field from the condition will be used in the accordion on the practice area page.

Conditions can be drag and dropped to set a custom order.


Next you have the option to add sidebar photos and links. The first field lets you upload a single image to share on this page.

The following field is called sidebar links. In this field you can select a link (internal or external) and the color of the title bar for the square.

When adding an internal link, by default the title text will be the title of that page. You can override this by adding text where it says Link Text.