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What the heck is a Gua Sha?

Self-care and skincare seem to go hand-in-hand these days. Let’s explore the ancient ritual of Gua sha and how it can promote health and radiance from within.

Gua sha (pronounced GWA-SHA) is an ancient self-care practice used in traditional medicine in which a tool, usually made my jade, bone, or horn, is scraped across the skin to redirect energy. By doing this, stagnant energy is broken down, reducing inflammation, increasing blood flow, and stimulating the lymphatic system to promote healing in the body. This simple - yet rigorous - technique has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments, including fever, muscle pain, and even migraines.

Studies have shown that this daily ritual improves microcirculation up to 400%, reducing wrinkles, rejuvenating, toning and smoothing, boosting collagen, combating pigmentation, dark circles, and puffy eyes. It also even defines the jawline and cheekbones! You may also notice a release of tension and relaxation of facial muscles, including the forehead, jaw, and even around the eyes.

Whether practiced first thing in the morning ritual or as an evening wind-down to remove the day’s stress from your face, this mindful beauty practice is meditative and relaxing.