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About Our Practice


Our Practice

MDA was born because we care. We care about taking care of patients, we care about keeping the experience personal, and we care about doing it right. We strive to create a therapeutic alliance by focusing on personalized care with an explanation for everything we do.

MDA recognizes that with modern healthcare comes modern frustrations; sometimes it seems that there is more emphasis on the computer than on the patient. We are looking to leverage all of the modern technology to get back to an "old fashioned" experience with a doctor. That means eye contact instead of screen time, really listening, and working to create a long term relationship with our patients. It's not for everybody, but we think many patients are realizing that a state-of-the-art lab test is not always enough; sometimes an experienced guide can make all the difference. With an emphasis on education, we focus on the best evidence and aim to provide the highest level of care. MDA is connected to the alternative medicine community, and can offer a gentle holistic approach for those interested.



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