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Fee Schedule


Self-pay options

Self-pay options are available for uninsured patients or patients with out of network insurance.

Self pay options are not offered to insured patients with policies that MDA is in-network with. We are contractually obligated and required by law, to file a claim with all plans that we have in-network status with.

We recognize self-pay patients as those that are uninsured or have an insurance plan that we are not in-network with. Self-pay patients are required to pay in full at the time of visit. Telehealth and in office visits are billed at the same rate for self pay patients.

Please reference the fee schedule below as a guideline for your upcoming visit. This fee schedule reflects evaluation codes only. Please note that blood work, biopsy procedures, injections and specimen collection may incur additional fees. Serum and skin specimens are submitted for testing and processing to outside laboratories (Quest Diagnostic, Dermpath Diagnostic, Northwestern Dermatopathology) and are billed directly by the third party contractor separately from MDA visit fees unless otherwise noted.

Please note that the self pay fee schedule applies for medical dermatology visits and that cosmetic, elective procedures are billed at the quoted rate at the time of your appointment. Billing codes are determined by the complexity and the nature of the service. The clinician determines what is medically appropriate and that drives the appropriate codes that are used in your visit with MDA.


New Patient Office/Telehealth visit
New patient office visit, 99202-$168
New patient office visit, 99203-$197
New patient office visit , 99204-$378
New patient office visit, 99205- $420

Established Patient Office/Telehealth visit
Est, patient office visit, 99212-$92
Est. patient office visit, 99213-$142
Est. patient office visit , 99214-$210
Est. patient office visit, 99215- $252

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