Birthmarks are spots or growths on the skin that appear at or shortly after birth.There are many different types of birthmarks, most of which require no treatment. Hemangiomas, sometimes called “strawberries”, are deep red growths that enlarge for the first 1-2 years of life, then naturally fade over the following years, usually without treatment. However, hemangiomas in sensitive locations (such as around the eye or mouth) may require treatment. Capillary stains (“salmon patches”, “stork bites”, or “angel kisses”) are reddish patches that are similar to the darker and more purple port-wine stains. These can be treated with laser if needed, and are rarely associated with genetic conditions such as Sturge-Weber Syndrome. There are many other types of birthmarks that we can help evaluate and manage, including juvenile xanthogranuloma, nevus sebaceus, and epidermal nevus.