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Cosmetic Menu of Services

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Medical Facial

Customizable for best results and patient goals, our medical facials are designed to treat acne, anti-aging, rosacea/sensitive skin, or brighten skin. Skin is examined, cleansed, steamed, and either a physical or chemical exfoliation are used in combination with possible extractions to leave skin looking healthier and less congested.

$185 / per treatment
50 minutes

Mini Medical Facial

Designed for patients on the go, who still want to indulge in radiant skin. The Mini Medical Facial starts with a deep exfoliation designed to thoroughly cleanse the skin, a targeted extraction clears congested pores, and finished with a mask customized to patient's skin type.

$110 / per treatment
30 minutes

Back Facial

This relaxing treatment is designed to cleanse and target acne and inflammation on an often forgotten part of the body. The Back Facial includes a thorough skin examination, cleanse, a physical exfoliation using microdermabrasion, and extraction of congested pores. This treatment is finished by a mask and light massage.

$185 / per treatment
50 minutes

*An abbreviated version of our "Back Facial" can be added on with any other service for an additional $100.
30 minutes


Also performed as part of our facials, manual extractions are an excellent way to clear clogged or compacted pores.

$75 / per treatment
20 minutes

Pregnancy Facial

Perfect for nursing or expectant mothers, skin is treated with only products deemed safe to use during pregnancy. Patient will have skin gently cleansed, steamed and chemically exfoliated using a Glycolic Acid peel. Extractions are preformed if needed.

$150 / per treatment
50 minutes


Our Advanced Microdermabrasion system uses sodium bicarbonate (medical grade baking soda) crystals to physically exfoliate the surface layer of skin. This treatment can help target and reduce fine lines and clogged pores. Leaves skin feeling instantly smoother, brighter, and more refined.

$110 / facial treatment
$300/ package of 3

$50 add-on treatment available for back, décolletage, and back of arms

Topix Perfect 10 Chemical Peels

These medical grade chemical peels are a combination of acids that feature layering technology, retinol complex, proprietary acids and antioxidant blends. Available in three different strengths, Universal, Intermediate and Advanced, these peels are perfect for a number of different skin types.

$125 / Universal Peel & Intermediate Peel
$300 / package of 3

$175/ Advanced Peel
$450/ package of 3

Glycolic Acid Chemical Peels

Formulated to target the treatment of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, scarring, and overall skin texture, these peels are great for patients looking for an anti-aging peel. This peel is also a great option of expectant or nursing mothers, as glycolic acid is pregnancy safe.

$125 / per treatment
$300/ package of 3

Salicylic Acid Chemical Peels

Designed to target the treatment of oily and acne-prone skin, this is a great option for anyone looking to give their acne treatment regimen that additional boost. Ask our Aesthetician about our "Clear Skin Club".

Available in Salicylic Acid 20% or 30%.

$125 / per treatment
$300 / package of 3

Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

This gentle, non-ablative treatment uses broad-spectrum light to treat skin concerns such as age spots, red and brown skin pigmentation's, rosacea and broken capillaries, and improves the overall appearance of the skin by stimulating collagen reproduction. IPL is a great option for patients looking for maximum results with little to no down time. Results can be seen in as little as 1-2 treatments for some skin concerns with maximum results in the majority of skin concerns are achieved in 3-6 sessions.

$225 partial face / $350 full face
$1400 / package of 4 with complimentary product package


BOTOX® Cosmetic is a treatment that can reduce the contraction of muscles that cause facial lines over time, resulting in smoother skin. Lasting for 3–6 months, it can also be used to block the nerve signal to control excessive sweating in localized areas. Approved by the FDA in 2002, it has been shown to be safe and effective in numerous studies.

$15 per unit